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Our Story

Author Gail Weil was born in West Yorkshire, England. Like Meadow, she also sought adventure and set sail “across the pond” to America over 28 years ago. She now resides in Florida with her husband and daughter.

Gail was inspired to start writing about Meadow’s adventures because of her late mother Sheila Kenney. Sheila was born in Wakefield, England and created the beloved character of Meadow over 20 years ago.

Sheila would share stories about Meadow with her grandchildren Lily, Ruby, Hope and Brogan, when she would visit them in America.

Meadow captured the hearts and imagination of her grandchildren, and we hope our stories of beloved Meadow continue to capture the hearts of children everywhere.

"Keep reading.  It's one of the most marvelous adventures that anyone can have."
- Lloyd Alexander

Our Little Book Worms

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